Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tea 101

About 1/3 general tea promo and 2/3 catalog, this pdf file from The Tea Spot will leave you wondering why you would ever drink anything else. Interspersed with images of healthy looking young people, it has some useful information for the tea newcomer (such as correct brewing times) as well as some suggested purchases from the Tea Spot catalog. No scientific data is presented to back up quite a few scientific claims such as the statement on page 5 that “Puerh [tea] can lower the alcohol level in the bloodstream” though on a whole Tea 101 is a worthwhile read for gems like the one on page 3 “It takes no more effort to produce an extraordinary cup of tea than it does a mediocre one!”

Take Tea 101 here.

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Jason Witt said...

Yes, I'm afraid Pu-erh (though it does many amazing things) probably isn't going to lower blood alcohol levels. Here in the West, science hasn't proven that anything can do that except the natural functioning of the body alone. However, I'm always open to what the Chinese know about Pu-erh because the West hasn't discovered many of its secrets yet. --Spirituality of Tea