Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Agony of the Leaf to Shut Down

Ridgewood, NJ's own Agony of the Leaf MeetUp group is set to close down in 11 days (and counting). The group organizer has resigned and none of the 123 "Teaists" (myself included) have yet to put the kettle back on the burner (so to speak). I joined the group fairly recently and so have never attended one of their meetups though group member Larissa testifies that "[It is a] good bunch of people definitely."

According to the MeetUp group description:
Tea can be our breath during our busy lives...
Just a moment for the ritual of steeping fragrant leaves can be enough to exhale. And just another moment to inhale its intoxicating aroma.
Tea can steady us... bring our focus back to where it needs to be. In the moment.
Tea give us that breath to think and reflect on our path throughout the day.
We take Tea in the morning to awaken our senses to the world. During meals to enhance the flavors reminding us to taste each morsel. In the afternoon to remember to breathe. In the evening to relax before sleep takes us into the dream realm.
Tea IS liquid meditation. Please meditate responsibly. Drink good Tea.

Do you have what it takes to save the Agony of the Leaf?